VIP Session – 3hrs Coaching

VIP Session – 3hrs Coaching

This is our best selling coaching program. In 3-hours we will map out a customized, detailed, and profitable strategy that will get you the results you seek if implemented to the later.

Whether you are a newbie or oldie we will create the strategy you need to start or scale.

We can cover any of the following:

• An Audit of your current business model – Who your target audience is? Your unique value proposition, how you make money, how you manage and multiply money

• Identification of gaps in your business model and financial health and highlight ways to fix it.

• Understanding of your business goals and Funding Needs for the next 12months – 2years

• Consider at least 10 different ways to raise Funding for your business and zero in on how to do one with templates.

• Discuss any other area of your business you are struggling with and brainstorm on solutions

I will provide you with time-tested solutions in a relaxed conversation. I promise to guide you through and the best part is – I have templates for everything, expect to receive some templates to guide your execution.

You can come with your partner (s) and/or members of your staff if desired.

At the end of the VIP session, you will get

• The Replay of the VIP session and
• A clear roadmap on the area of intervention with summary of action points to take

In short: this is your chance to brainstorm with me and get clear direction.

Investment: $100 | N50,000/3hrs 
[8 slots available monthly]