Work With Me

Thank you for stopping by, there are 3 ways you can work with me.

I can only work with a handful of people and will handpick them to ensure we are a perfect fit for each other and I can really help your business.

After applying, you will be notified of your acceptance or denial within three business days.

Please read each description before proceeding to book or complete your application.

This is our best selling coaching program. In 3-hours we will map out a customized, detailed, and profitable strategy that will get you the results you seek if implemented to the later.

Whether you are a newbie or oldie we will create the strategy you need to start or scale.

We can cover any of the following:

  • An Audit of your current business model – Who your target audience is? Your unique value proposition, how you make money, how you manage and multiply money
  • Identification of gaps in your business model and financial health and highlight ways to fix it.
  • Understanding of your business goals and Funding Needs for the next 12months – 2years.
  • Consider at least 10 different ways to raise Funding for your business and zero in on how to do one with templates.
  • Discuss any other area of your business you are struggling with and brainstorm on solutions.

I will provide you with time-tested solutions in a relaxed conversation. I promise to guide you through and the best part is – I have templates for everything, expect to receive some templates to guide your execution.

You can come with your partner (s) and/or members of your staff if desired.

At the end of the VIP session, you will get

• The Replay of the VIP session and
• A clear roadmap on the area of intervention with summary of action points to take

In short: this is your chance to brainstorm with me and get clear direction.

Investment: $100 | N50,000/3hrs 
[8 slots available monthly]

You have a thriving business, however it could be more, several things are just not right but you cannot place your hands on them. You want a well-seasoned expert to dissect your business and provide a road-map to take you to the  next level.

When I consult for your business, I am your 3rd eye. I will be auditing 3 aspects – People | Product | Process and together we will look at the data to draw up your best revenue streams and a rock-solid growth strategy. I get to do all the work and hand you back a well-oiled machine that is ready to take on territories, book more clients and bank more money.

My expertise cuts across Business strategy, Funding, Marketing, Sales, Business structure, Product development, Pricing, Retail solutions etc. so having me sit in your business is equal to 10 experts in one.

In short: this is your chance to build up the business of your dreams and dare to significantly increase your revenue.

Investment: Price starts from $400 | N200,000 for 4 weeks [Only 2 clients monthly]

This is for growing businesses looking to manage their business finances for growth. We will work with you to master your business finances and achieve your business growth objectives.

  • We will start with a diagnosis of your business and the state of your business finances.
  • Thereafter, we will come up with a clear business growth plan for 3-5 years.
  • This will be followed up with a Funding and financial roadmap for your business
  • We then proceed to work with your team to apply for funding, in line with Funding Plan- Grants, Loans, Crowdfunding, etc.
  • We will review your business finances every quarter to be sure you are on track with your business growth plans and Financial goals.
  • Share ways to pivot, change, upgrade, shut down, restart when things are not proceeding according to plan.

In short: We are working with you on a Retainer to ensure your business achieves set goals and targets. Imagine having a CFO for your business at an extremely affordable rate.

Investment : Price starts from $1,200 | N600,000 every 6 months [Only 5 clients in a year]